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João 4: Interpretações espontâneas (II)

Essa foi a forma como meu grupo contou a história de João 4: através de um poema que escrevi. Não tenho muita vocação para poemas, muito menos em inglês, e nem sei se isso pode ser visto como um poema - os poetas que me perdoem. Entretanto, até que a turma gostou... Compartilho com vocês abaixo!
A traveler came on tired and thirsty from his long journey. In his hands there was a mission to complete, and he decided to go through that foreign land. Although all the barriers existents between his people and the others whom he was going among. There was a big and revolutionary message to spread, which was much more strong
So the thirsty man went to the fountain, desiring to find some water. A woman also appears, and what more can be expected of this encounter? He, the strange, starts a conversation showing his vulnerability. And what an awkward request, she realizes: what made him thinks that this would be my responsibility?
Oh, there was much more than thirsty behind that first demand. He asked for the natural first, to offer the supernatural then. The matter was not just supply a necessity, not even it’s quarter. That request was more to say that in the very deep heart of the life matters, exists a everlasting and living water
She was a bit confused, and he asked to her: call your husband! And then came on a striking revelation: there were five husbands before, and she was living with another man in an other situation. Something started to seem quite special in that strange person in front of her. He was more than a simple man; who knows if he was not a prophet then?
A prophet, here? I have to make this worthwhile now, she reflected. What does can be more unexpected? A religious theme was picked up, and then a question was born. Which is the right way to worship: in our traditional mountain or in the temple of the Lord?
Another revelation arose: in worship there is no right place or wrong! No matter, who you are, or the people that you are belong. God is Spirit, Truth, Life! In Him we can be one and be together, and that’s all that really matters.
Living water, worshiping in Spirit and Truth. All that conversation remained the Messiah, the God’s Chooser One who was supposed to come. If this was really truth, if is really him The One, she thought, now I know that we are not more alone. What might to say? What more to be expected? The city crowd now knows, through the myriads of her expressed feelings and doubts, what the Jesus’ Gospel wanted to show.
The God’s Words never comes back empty and are never lost! There are no boundaries, no even one, which the Gospel cannot cross!


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Thiago disse...

Apavorou na poesia.
Eu curti bastante Amsterda, apesar de só ter dado um rolê rápido.
Curit os outros textos tb, mas não li todos, to bem curioso.
E legal a defesa do que vc falou sobre sexo, mas fica sem nexo sem a prévia.
Postei um conto lá no meu blog tb